5 Things To Look For In An SIS


5 Things To Look For In An SIS

Making sure your school runs in tip-top shape requires a top-notch Student Information System. Without the right SIS, your school is bound to constantly hit bumps in the road that slow down progress, cause unnecessary technological problems, and keep you from giving the best educational experience your students deserve. Staff, teachers, parents–everyone will be using the SIS you choose for your school, and each of their needs are different. What do you need to look for in an SIS to make sure you’ve got the right system for your school? Here are 5 things to look for in an SIS.


Everyone needs to be able to navigate your SIS, regardless of whether they’re a tech expert or only know the bare minimum. Because of this, an overly-complex system only slows things down for everyone. Everything from tracking admissions to recording grades should be quick and easy. If your system isn’t accessible to those at the lowest-levels of tech proficiency, it isn’t a system worth using. Noone deserves to be left behind because your system isn’t user-friendly enough! Make sure to look for a student information system that works for everyone.

Customizable Options

Each school is different and comes with a different set of needs. Look for an SIS with customizable options so you get the system that fits perfectly for you. Education is constantly evolving–and so is your school. An SIS with customizable options guarantees your progress never becomes stagnant, and can evolve to meet new challenges. Furthermore, choosing your own modules, templates, and interfaces allows you to consistently fine-tune your system for your specific needs.

Solid Security

Having your data compromised is every school’s worst nightmare. Without a doubt, ensuring your information and data stays safe is a priority. Secondly, a well-protected system is also a well-organized system! Each user has quick, easy access to what they need–and everything outside of that is safe and secure. Lastly, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data and info is secure is also vital to keeping your school on track. In conclusion, less worries means more time and energy for you to dedicate to your staff and students!

Ongoing Support

There’s always room to improve, and having the support you need is vital to a good SIS. Look for a system that offers training, implementation, and ongoing support for their SIS. For this reason, access to 24/7 customer support means problems of any size always get solved quickly and efficiently as soon as they arise. In brief, no problem should feel too big–or too small–that customer service isn’t on-hand and ready to help at a moment’s notice.


You want to look for an SIS that is honest and transparent with their communication and pricing. Watch out for “surprise” costs–the quote they give should include all of their features, including training and on-going support. Furthermore, you want an SIS from someone you can trust, someone that actually cares about improving schools and education. Essentially, if they’re trying to surprise you with extra costs in their price they’re not the system for your school.

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