The Smithsonian Award: Our Greatest Honor And Indication Of Quality


Our Greatest Honor

At EMPOWER Student Information System, we pride ourselves on an efficient and easy to use system. In addition, we’ve made it our goal to give every school the technological support it needs. Therefore, one of our greatest honors was becoming a part of the Smithsonian Institution’s Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology Innovation. This award comes from the National Museum of American History.

What Is The Smithsonian Award?

Each year the Computerworld Smithsonian Chairmen’s Committee nominates those who use information technology to improve society for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s National IT Innovation Collection. Founded in 1989, the Computerworld Smithsonian Program recognizes leaders of innovation in informational technology. In conclusion, the Smithsonian honors only those that have gone above and beyond in using their technology and services to improve society.

Our Award

EMPOWER was added to the Smithsonian in 1998. The award was presented by the Information Technology Innovation Collection. David Allison, the Chairmen of the National Museum of the American History’s Division of Information Technology and Society says, “[EMPOWER] uses information technology to make great strides toward remarkable social achievement in education.” In addition, the Smithsonian says EMPOWER is “an integrated higher education management system that provides even the smallest colleges with the information technology previously available only to the largest institutions, helping to assure the continuing viability of small colleges.”

Doing Our Part

We are honored by the Smithsonian Award. This award is one of our most celebrated accomplishments. Since then, we strive to even further exceed those goals and ambitions. Our mission is to give every school–no matter their size–the tools and resources they need to succeed. Because of this, we are truly honored to do our part to make that happen.

Join Our Award-Winning SIS Today!

Ready to give your school the SIS it needs to run smoother, faster, and better than ever? Modernize with our award-winning system today and give your school the technology it deserves. In conclusion, you will also save yourself valuable time and energy by switching to our superior SIS so you can achieve your goals. EMPOWER helps you deliver an excellent academic experience to your students, and a healthy workplace for your staff.

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