5 Things Every Student Management System Should Have

5 Things Every Student Management System Should Have

Student Management Systems

A student management system, also known as a student information system or SIS, is vitally important for every school. Essentially, a student management system is the software a school uses for nearly every facet of education. This includes admissions, applications, scheduling, tuition, and much more. All parts work in tandem to ensure your school runs efficiently. With that in mind, let us take a look at 5 things every student management system should have.

Recruitment And Admissions

Recruiting and admissions is the lifeblood of any school. However, failing to enroll the right type of students can stunt potential growth. Every student management system should have recruitment software that makes obtaining, viewing, and processing student information quicker and easier than before. This saves you and your staff valuable time so you can find the right students more easily.


Are your school’s lines of communication often blocked or slow? One important feature for student management systems is communication. Students and staff should be able to quickly and effortlessly communicate. Additionally, multiple departments will no longer struggle to have open communication with the right SIS. 

Financial Aid

Without a doubt, managing financial aid can be a complex process. That is why every student management system needs software to handle it. If your school’s financial aid is a slow-moving and confusing process, it can not only cause headaches for your staff but students as well. Consequently, they may start looking elsewhere for their education. Software and modules to manage this make payments and billing a crystal clear and easy process.

Records And Registration

Are your students frustrated with registration and scheduling? SIS software can help. Enrollment and registration needs to be accessible for every student, regardless of their technical proficiency. The right school management system makes this a breeze for students and staff alike.

Billing And Receivables

Finally, billing and receivables need versatile software. Students need a simple-to-use web portal for payments. Additionally, staff need software that makes reporting and collections faster and clearer. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important things a school management should have.

Get Back To Education

Does your school need an upgrade to its student management system? EMPOWER is here to give you the upgrade you, your staff, and your students deserve. Let us take care of your SIS so you can get back to education. Ready to learn more? Contact us today and we will get you started! 

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