5 Things That Make Medical School Software Unique


Medical School Software

Every school has intricacies and unique needs. The software needed to keep things running smoothly can be a long, complex list. That is why we at EMPOWER believe having the right SIS, or Student Information System, is so vital. Medical schools require software that is specialized and customizable. There are certain challenges that are unique only to medical schools. These require special software to maintain its many moving parts. With that in mind, let us take a look at 5 things that make medical school software unique. 

Applications And Admissions

Truly, medical school is highly competitive. Because of this, your medical school will need software that makes applications and missions a more streamlined process. With EMPOWER, you can quickly load the data from prospective students. This eliminates the need for manual entry, saving you and your staff precious time. Second, you can quickly run audits of potential candidates to easily determine potential candidates. Finally, software that allows simple screening, interviewing, and evaluating of students is unique and important to medical schools.

Competency-Based Education (CBE)

Due to medical school’s competitive nature, competency-based education, or CBE, is used. Your medical school’s software should have a feature that allows you to easily track students’ attempts and achievements at their academics.

Credit Hours

Another of the 5 things that make medical school software unique is credit hours. Without the right software, tracking student credit hours can be a challenge. EMPOWER allows you to easily track credit hours and attendance. This saves on time and effort for your faculty.

Clinical Experience

Clinicals are also unique to medical schools. With our software, you can easily record clinical experience via an online form. Additionally, this allows you to complete online clinical evaluations effortlessly.


Due to the complexities of medical school, scheduling can be a tedious task. Scheduling classes, interviews, clinicals, and more can pile up quickly. However, with EMPOWER SIS our software frees up precious time for these tasks. Essentially, software that allows simple screening, interviewing, and evaluating of students is unique and important to medical schools.

Customizable and Flexible Solutions

EMPOWER SIS makes life easier for all colleges and their unique needs. We’re here to upgrade your school’s outdated Student Information Systems to our secure cloud. With us you will have complete access, documentation, processing and more. Ready to upgrade your medical school software? Contact us today! 

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