Standard Reports

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EMPOWER includes more than 600 pre-formatted reports, queries, and extracts designed to meet most schools’ needs. All of these reporting modes are invoked through selection screens which enable users to define the scope and content of the output. The simplest selections require just a term identifier or date range. Complex ones have fifty or more selections with and/or logic. One of the most effective selection tools is the profile feature which guides users through even more extensive choices with ease.

In EMPOWER, queries are screen-oriented statistical reports and lists which include drill-down and further processing steps. Extracts produce data files delimited and formatted for use in Word merges or Excel (or any other system) imports. In every case, reports, queries, and extracts can be viewed on screen or sent to a printer. Many reports have convenient multiple outputs such as data exports and label files formatted for easy printing.

 EMPOWER Reports