EMPOWER offers various presentation views that allow institutions to connect and operate their EMPOWER system from the office, on the road, at home or anywhere in the world.

Web Portal access supports the daily information needs of prospective students, students, faculty, travelling staff, donors, and the public at large.  This browser-based connection securely extends the self-service resources of EMPOWER to your campus community.  The portal content is fully configurable and is under your control.  This casual user interface is simple and intuitive so no special training is needed.

Professional access for your on-campus staff and administrators is available as follows:

Self-hosted EMPOWER schools employ a direct professional connection from your desktop or laptop through your campus network to the server hosting your instance of EMPOWER.  This fast, secure connection supports all administrative users.

Cloud users connect to our hosting center via the Internet.  This access method employs a fast and secure communications technology that mimics the self-hosted presentation with no extraneous browser tools or other distractions.

Remote administrative users can take advantage of a secure browser-based interface for convenient access from any computer.