Your school’s alumni and donor network is a precious resource, one that requires great care and nurturing. EMPOWER’s Alumni and Donor Development module puts that resource right at your fingertips, using our system’s powerful core database to easily organize and access your institution’s wealth of student, family, affiliate and corporate information. EMPOWER makes organizing, planning and relationship building more seamless than ever. How?

With EMPOWER’s Alumni and Donor Development module you can:

  • Gather, organize and report on donor information as it relates to activities, events and previous touchpoints
  • Use our accurate and complete data set to build strong relationships with donors and plan more effective fundraising campaigns
  • Easily select and arrange data groups for any purpose: Homecoming, alumni functions, capital campaigns, regional events and more
  • Effectively adhere to accountability and financial management procedures
  • Collect, segment and query data; manage lists; develop reporting profiles; monitor statistics; and conduct in-depth analysis

Our Alumni and Donor Development module offers a web portal for alumni and donors who want to find out news about their alma mater, update and share their personal information with the network, and make donations online. It gives solicitors the opportunity to access donor demographic and contact information, offer pledge and gift information, and track communications. And it gives your alumni and donor development office the ability to effectively solicit, track and manage their network. Put EMPOWER to work for your development office today.