Connect every financial transaction from every EMPOWER module seamlessly and effortlessly with the Billing and Receivables module for completely integrated, immediate and accurate accounting statements and reporting — the Billing and Receivables module easily handles everything from student charges, to payments, to posting to the system of your choice.

Through the Billing and Receivables module, your school can automatically manage and post transactions to student statements including deposits, registration charges, drop/adds and fines/fees, housing and meals, vehicle registrations and fines, financial aid and course fees. And students can access and pay their current statement via the Web Portal.

EMPOWER’s Billing and Receivables module also makes it simple to deploy business office functions like cashiering, collections, general financial reporting and posting to the general ledger. Plus, you can grant read-only access of real-time student information to other departments on a need-to-know basis. And as always, you can feel secure in the knowledge that everything is handled with EMPOWER’s strict accounting standards.