The Oracle Relational Database Management System is the basis for information access, storage, control, and protection for mission-critical applications in research universities, major corporations, and governments throughout the world.

EMPOWER brings this power and productivity to institutions of all sizes – and does it in an exceptionally affordable manner.

Self-hosted schools take advantage of Oracle’s application-specific license plan at costs no greater than those of much less capable products. EMPOWER embeds the database component in all quotations and service agreements. Users have no need for specialized technical support.

EMPOWER schools using the cloud implementation mode share EMPOWER’s enterprise license at no additional cost.

  • Cost Effective – EMPOWER utilizes the Oracle application-specific full use (ASFU) license which offers the power of Oracle at an affordable price.
  • Self-Administering – EMPOWER has no need for a DBA (Database Administrator) since these functions are all managed invisibly in the background by our tools and utilities.
  • Support – Because EMPOWER provides your database support, there is no need for an advanced IT staff member and you will never need to contact Oracle directly.
  • Data Integrity – EMPOWER with Oracle presents a single (normalized) image of your college information that is updated in real time, eliminating inaccurate or loss of data due to conflicting or old information.
  • Open Access – All information in EMPOWER is available to users for reporting, extracts, and downloads to other software.
  • Secure – Oracle operates with your network security tools and EMPOWER’s security architecture to provide ultimate protection of your student data.
  • Scalable Performance – EMPOWER can manage the data for large institutions with thousands of students or for schools with just a few hundred students at a very reasonable cost.
  • Compatibility – EMPOWER is fully ODBC compliant which means that common system tools like Crystal Reports work seamlessly with the database to provide users with the widest range of options.

Oracle offers all of the features and the reliability needed in a powerful student information system and EMPOWER offers the higher education and technical application knowledge to make it effective for your institution. As an Oracle developer and consultant for more than 30 years, we combine the Oracle underlying foundation with the EMPOWER structure on top to offer your institution an empowering solution.