The Degree Audit module enables advisors and students to completely track and explore their academic records and progress at any given time. The module enables students to compare collegiate programs with the college rules and requirements in order to review all aspects of a degree or program completion.

  • Eliminate multiple sources of student data and track progress with complete accuracy
    • Majors, minors, concentrations, specializations and programs
    • Degrees and certifications
    • Course requirements
    • In-progress, complete, transfer, waiver and substitution tracking
    • GPA
    • General education requirements
    • Catalog year evaluation
    • Elective classification for non-applicable courses
  • Enable students with Web Portal access to request current degree audit information
  • Compare students’ collegiate programs with the college catalog and program completion requirements
  • Eliminate time-intensive manual checklists and spreadsheets
  • Save time and confusion with a single storage area for program details
  • Calculate degree audits against current up-to-the minute statuses
  • Offer the “What If?” function to help staff and students understand the effects of their academic decisions
  • Allow the registrar’s office to easily manage graduation requests, diplomas and ceremonies

EMPOWER’s integrated Degree Audit module effectively calculates real time degree audits and student status, eliminating lag time or the need for secondary databases or files as with third-party degree audit systems.

The Degree Audit module pricing includes setup and configuration services for one catalog year. This means you can eliminate hundreds of hours of setup, save money and immediately offer this valuable service to your students and staff.

Key Features


  • Web Portal access
  • “What If?” calculation
  • Easy to read displays

Advisors and Academic Departments

  • Up-to-the-minute analysis
  • Single source for program details
  • Accurate program requirements


  • Automated graduation tasks
  • Accurate graduation data at any time