Several delivery options are available for EMPOWER, allowing each school to choose the one that best meets its technology plan and financial requirements.


The cloud delivery option provides unfettered access to all of the features of EMPOWER with minimal upfront costs. With the cloud option, your institution benefits from the cost savings of using a student information system rather than buying it.

  • Eliminates initial and ongoing expenses such as license fees, hardware, networking, security and technical support
  • Includes all technical tasks –updates, backups, hardware maintenance and more
  • Allows IT staff to support students, faculty, and staff rather than spend time on vendor software
  • Provides secure 24/7 online and remote access to EMPOWER database


With the self-hosted licensing option, an institution has the technical ability to host a sophisticated application and is able to be self-sustaining in the hardware and network arena. The institution manages its own computer environment, security, back-ups, updates, and so forth.

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