Does Your Tribal School Need A New SIS?


Tribal Schools

Does your tribal school need a new SIS? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to upgrade your Student Information System, or SIS. At its core, an SIS is a system that helps schools take their data and makes it more easily organized and managed. EMPOWER SIS helps with every fact of your school including admissions, registration, financial aid, and much more. This makes all your departments, students, and staff have more accessible information, communication, and efficiency. 

EMPOWER works closely with tribal colleges and scholarship offices, developing functions to fit your needs. We understand the mission and operation of tribal based institutions. Here are a number of ways EMPOWER can help your tribal school run more efficiently than ever.


One of the key benefits EMPOWER offers your tribal school is in terms of tracking. Tribal affiliation tracking and CIB (Certificate of Indian blood) tracking are one of our key features. Secondly, we assist with recording blood counts by ranges and/or specific quantum numbers. Your data becomes more organized and manageable. Our SIS saves you loads of time and effort so you can focus on education. 

Tribal-Specific Reports

EMPOWER also offers help with tribal-specific reports. Reporting is managed and organized more efficiently to make it easier on you and your staff. Tribal ID listing includes ID, name, tribe, CIB# and date of birth. For tribal college students, we have two-part reports for Indian Student Count (ISC), both in detail and summary. This report supplies you with the data to complete OIEP Form 22 for ISC to be submitted to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

EMPOWER SIS also has both report and extract formats available for the Student Support Services TriO to send to the Department Of Education. Secondly, for AIHEC AIMS you can easily retrieve data for online entry screens. These features are all included with completely customizable modules that can fit your school’s exact needs. Essentially, this streamlines your tasks and processes to keep things running smoothly. That means we take care of these aspects for you so you can focus on shaping your students’ lives. 

Tribal Scholarship Offices

We also run the scholarship department for the Navajo Nation Tribe Scholarship Office. Portions of the financial aid and student records modules offer many services including:

  • Tracking and processing scholarship grants
  • Handling scholarship applications
  • Needs analysis
  • Award Letters
  • Generating consolidated checks to colleges or individual checks to students 
  • Recording GPAs and academic progress

Essentially, all aspects of your tribal school become quicker and easier. You, your staff, and your students will all find every task done more efficiently than ever with our SIS.

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