The EMPOWER Financial Aid module provides financial aid managers with a complete tool set for cross-functional integration, connectivity with outside resources, and extensive analysis to assure accurate and complete financial aid reporting.

  • Automate financial aid operations such as budgeting, awarding and the dispersal and management of governmental and institutional aid
  • Utilize the support of all government aid types, loans, and rules as well as private and institutional aid
  • Utilize the support of standard forms like FISAP, ISIR, Clearinghouse, and CommonLine 5
  • Seamlessly integrate student recordsbilling and admissions providing a real time view of academic progress
  • Utilize missing data tools for accurate reporting
  • Provide direct access to business office functions allowing users to view billing information and prepare awards for immediate disbursement by the bursar
  • Alert admissions staff to new prospects through the ISIR download
  • Streamline information flow and eliminate transcript errors through EMPOWER’s standard communications with the Department of Education and loan processors
  • Save money with the integrated financial aid functions as there is no additional software to license, maintenance to purchase, data to manage, or interfaces to synchronize
  • Ensure information generated by related departments remains synchronized with EMPOWER’s single relational database structure

EMPOWER’s Financial Aid module is updated regularly as part of the standard system maintenance.  Form adjustments, file changes, rule changes, and other modifications from the Department of Education are prepared immediately as rules appear in the register each year.

Key Features

Student Web Portal Services

  • Award letters and award acceptance
  • Reminders for required documents
  • Alerts and notes from the financial aid office
  • Access to current statement including awarded and disbursed financial aid

 Financial Aid Director

  • Complete and reliable statistics by award year and term
  • Required government forms and reports–FISAP, 1098T, etc.
  • Full budgeting, awarding, disbursement, and record keeping
  • Pell, SMART, FSEOG, Stafford, direct loans processing, and more
  • Work study awards and funds management
  • Robust communications with outside agencies
  • Enforced regulatory compliance with audit-proof records
  • Support for EFC and budget professional judgment