The EMPOWER Higher Education Payroll module assists colleges with their unique payroll challenges.

  • Supply standard payroll features such as:
    • Deductions
    • Paid time off
    • Taxation
    • Electronic funds transfer
    • W2
    • Standard wage reports
    • Timecard processing
  • Accommodate special payroll processing for:
    • Work-study recipients
    • Contract faculty
    • Grant-related salaries
    • Clergy and members of religious orders
  • Apply taxation for faculty teaching in multiple locations and other special circumstances not met by common payroll systems
  • Ensure data such as employee or work-study student names and addresses, demographics, academic schedules, and more are readily available and easy to access

When used in conjunction with EMPOWER’s Human Resources module, colleges can implement a full wages, hours, benefits, and academic employment records system tied to other relevant campus departments.

Key Features

Payroll Department

  • Pay work-study with integration to financial aid
  • Pay contract faculty
  • Manage faculty contract terms, dates, and other details
  • Connect funding source to pay
  • Pay clergy (1099)
  • Direct payroll funds to religious orders
  • Manage taxation for individuals working in multiple tax districts
  • Deduct and credit gifts in the development office