The Difference Between Student Information Systems & Learning Management Systems


Imagine someone on your staff put you on the spot and asked about your Student Information System and Learning Management System. They have questions about the processes and whether it might be time to upgrade. Would you know the difference between this software, or would you be caught off guard? 

Every school needs an SIS and an LMS to run effectively. But these platforms focus on distinct tasks. Knowing the difference between Student Information Systems and Learning Management Systems will help you manage your institution to its fullest potential. 

Learning Management Systems

You may know the LMS by another name: the Virtual Learning Environment, or VLE. A Learning Management System focuses on the education itself. Instructors primarily use this software to deliver coursework materials including videos, quizzes, and PowerPoint lectures.

The goal of Learning Management Systems is to make learning as seamless as possible. Using an LMS is the key to a well-organized digital classroom. All of the necessary resources are easily accessible for students and instructors. This frees up more time for instructors to do what they do best: give students the knowledge they need to succeed.

Student Information Systems

While the LMS focuses on delivering knowledge to students, a Student Information System has a more comprehensive goal. An SIS handles everything else that makes education possible in the first place. This platform acts as the glue holding your school together.

An SIS collects and organizes every bit of information for your college. Recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and scheduling. Your Student Information System simplifies these processes into streamlined tasks that can be done quickly. 

Are your staff handling registration without proper software assistance? They’re putting hours of labor into a task that an SIS can do in minutes. It’s the perfect example of “work smarter, not harder.” Student Information Systems are the best way to make life easier for students, staff, and yourself.

The Superior User Experience

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