ComSpec International, Inc. is a professional software company specializing in the development and implementation of applications for higher education and custom database systems for a wide range of clients. In operation under the same management since 1983, ComSpec has been consistently profitable and boasts of a very stable workforce.

The synergy created by ComSpec’s principal business segments—higher education and database consulting—has two key advantages to clients:

  • Stability over time as business areas support each other
  • Creativity and professional growth as employees move from among technical assignments and develop new skills


EMPOWER came about as several colleges engaged ComSpec developers to apply our expertise to the business of higher education. ComSpec worked closely with college administrators, higher education consultants, and educational software managers to prepare the architecture, features, interfaces, and implementation process that is EMPOWER.

Our partner schools include a broad cross-section of post-secondary institutions. The characteristic they all have in common is a desire for the best possible student information system at a reasonable cost. These institutions also bring their own sets of requirements for reporting, specialized features, and many other unique needs.

While most of our schools are in the United States, we also have users in the Bahamas and Pakistan. Our clients welcome you to their campuses and will be glad to share their EMPOWER experiences.

ComSpec is committed to providing an SIS with functionality, value, quality and results-oriented. We have succeeded in the same competitive environments in which your institution succeeds. We understand the needs of clients who must prove their competitiveness and improve their processes every day to remain viable. ComSpec embodies innovation, a commitment to client success, and real value for money invested.