The Recruiting and Admissions module is a complete system for your institution’s recruitment, communication, data gathering, decision-making and effectiveness management. It offers a complete tool set for both electronic and traditional communication with prospects, allowing your institution to give the best students the best possible enrollment and recruiting experience.

  • Manage the highest quality prospects with ease from application to matriculation
  • Enable your staff to maintain communication with students and give applicants immediate feedback
  • Utilize plans and to-do lists to organize data and minimize error
  • Enable prospects to monitor application and enrollment status easily through the Web
  • Send incoming information directly into your database eliminating reentry
  • Allow your staff more time to concentrate on personal contact by automating daily tasks

EMPOWER’s Recruiting and Admissions module offers integrated communications and flexible workflow tools to eliminate error and avoid missed opportunity while keeping consistent contact with your prospects.

Key Features


  • Inquiry and application submission
  • Needed information alerts (transcripts, references, etc.)
  • Admissions status
  • Financial aid offerings
  • Housing requests

 Admissions Representatives and Recruiters

  • Prospect information and status
  • To-do list and contact plan
  • Automated data base entry
  • Group and individual contact tools

 Admissions Officers and Dean of Enrollment

  • Recruiter effectiveness measurement
  • Operational and management reports
  • Online payment of application fees and deposits
  • Trend analysis data
  • Event management