Federal Reports

EMPOWER provides and supports all federally mandated data for online reports and, where possible, required paper or electronic submissions. We monitor federal rule and reporting requirements carefully to assure clients of correct and accurate federal reporting.

Some examples of common reports or required data that are supported in EMPOWER include:

  • 1098T
  • W2
  • Revenue Canada T2202
  • National Student Clearinghouse

State/Provincial Reports

Any reports or data extracts that are required by your state or province or ministry of education will be provided under your EMPOWER agreement. We work closely with you to understand your governmental reporting demands and provide those reports at no additional cost.

Tribal Reports

EMPOWER has collaborated with the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) and several tribal colleges and universities to develop a report manual to assist with completing the AKIS (AIMS Key Indicator System) report.

The manual includes a wealth of helpful information for EMPOWER users. It features step-by-step instructions for completing the AKIS report with EMPOWER data, using screen shots to illustrate which EMPOWER reports correlate with which AKIS data tables. With easy to follow layout and formatting, the manual provides detailed steps illustrating how to create profiles to run reports and screen shots of profile listings to display sample output data.

EMPOWER also provides data for the TRiO report.

Reporting Profiles

For anyone perplexed by selecting persons based on reporting criteria from potentially hundreds of tables and thousands of data elements, the unique EMPOWER reporting profiles feature is ideal.

EMPOWER profiles present extensive selection criteria in straightforward user-oriented screens with no special skills or knowledge required. Each selection category lists the general data description and all of the available values. Multiple values can be chained together with AND/OR/NOT logic. All of the categories can be used together to select a closely defined set of persons. Once a profile is defined, it can be saved for future use and can be combined logically with other profiles for further manipulation.

Profile selections can be used in many EMPOWER standard reports or used with third-party reporting tools like Crystal Reports and Access. In addition, selected data can be exported to Word or Excel and used for email.

Standard Reports

EMPOWER includes more than 600 pre-formatted reports, queries, and extracts designed to meet most schools’ needs. All of these reporting modes are invoked through selection screens which enable users to define the scope and content of the output. The simplest selections require just a term identifier or date range. Complex ones have fifty or more selections with and/or logic. One of the most effective selection tools is the profile feature which guides users through even more extensive choices with ease.

In EMPOWER, queries are screen-oriented statistical reports and lists which include drill-down and further processing steps. Extracts produce data files delimited and formatted for use in Word merges or Excel (or any other system) imports. In every case, reports, queries, and extracts can be viewed on screen or sent to a printer. Many reports have convenient multiple outputs such as data exports and label files formatted for easy printing.

Custom Reports

Even with more than 600 standard reports, queries and extracts, unique reporting requirements of institutions, their boards, and their accreditors may arise. EMPOWER’s open architecture and use of the standard Oracle relational database management system provide the basis you need to prepare any kind of output using a third-party reporting tool like Crystal Reports or Access.

Don’t have anyone on staff with the time or expertise to create custom reports? Let EMPOWER prepare the reports for you. This economical, professional service takes advantage of our developers’ familiarity with the database to produce results very quickly.

We are available to consult with clients to assist with structuring user-defined fields and other components to support custom reporting. Consultants are also available to assist with special needs such as accreditation self-study and year-end reports.