The EMPOWER Residence Halls module is a complete solution to managing campus residences and meal plans.  It supports both traditional term-by-term room and indefinite placements.

  • Administer amenities with ease
  • Capture extra charges and accommodate any meal service plan structure
  • Post fees directly to the student statement and prorate charges as changes occur with the automated interface to the Billing module
  • Ensure constancy using one database to streamline operations, update information and eliminate errors.
  • Automate billing for campus
  • Make administration easier using the Web Portal to offer student services such as:
    • room requests
    • roommate requests
    • billing
    • online payments

EMPOWER’s Residence Halls module supports term-oriented and “hotel style” room reservations and management making it easy to place students in rooms on a term-by-term basis and accommodate visitors, short stays, early/late departures, and any other schedule details.

Key Features


  • Housing requests
  • Housing confirmation
  • Statement and payment options

Housing Administrators and Managers

  • Easy-to-use reservation and placement
  • Integrated billing
  • Flexible room charges, occupancy periods, meals, and amenities
  • Multiple cost models for differing room types, occupants, and events
  • Rollover from term to term
  • Complete and reliable statistics by enrollment period
  • Early warning through the application process for future housing needs