EMPOWER protects your student data by offering your institution the utmost in administrative control and system security.

  • Limit access to specific functions and data through user and role based permissions
  • Provide staff with clear menus and prompted screens eliminating the need for technical expertise
  • Utilize personally identifiable data encryption and reliable password format and change procedures
  • Maintain FERPA and your right-to-know policies to the depth and detail you require

EMPOWER is certified to meet STIGS standards; protection strong enough for the United States Department of Defense.  The system takes advantage of standard Active Directory and LDAP functions to provide effective and convenient institution-wide access protection.

Key Features

System Managers and IT Staff

  • Active Directory and LDAP compatibility
  • Automated setup for passwords, sign-on IDs, and email accounts
  • “Forgot your password?” and self-service account management for portal users
  • SSL encryption for web-based functions standard
  • Database encryption of personally identifiable information (optional)
  • Field-level controls (optional)
  • Full communications path encryption (optional)

Department Managers and Supervisors

  • Easy menu assignment for staff
  • Role-based permissions
  • Step-by-step automation
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