Steps To Implementing A New Student Information System


Your New SIS

Is your school looking to upgrade its student information system? Having the right SIS will make managing your campus easy by using one central platform. At EMPOWER, we’ve created a student information system that seamlessly brings students, faculty, alumni, and staff together. Here are the steps to implementing a new student information system. 

Evaluate Current Areas Of Improvement

The first thing to do when implementing a new student information system is evaluate your current system. What areas need improvement? What common concerns and complaints do students have? This might be anything from registering classes to making payments. What tasks do your staff have concerns with? 

Find The Best Fit

Once you’ve analyzed your current system and what areas need to be upgraded, you can find the best fit for your school. At EMPOWER, we have easy-to-use modules and features that cover every aspect of your school. This comprehensive list includes areas such as recruitment, alumni, record keeping, and billing. We know the unique needs of each school and can implement your new SIS in a way that works best for you.

Implementation, Training, & Consulting

Once you’ve decided on EMPOWER for your new student information system, we begin the implementation process. This includes a training period for staff to try out new skills, practice on the SIS, ask questions, and become familiar with the system. They receive exceptional, personalized training at a comfortable pace.

Even after implementation and training, EMPOWER offers ongoing support and maintenance to keep your school running at its peak. Our US-based customer support staff is always there to answer your questions and provide the support you need.

Completely Customizable Systems

We’re here to upgrade your school’s outdated Student Information Systems to our secure cloud. We offer complete access, documentation, processing and more. Our SIS makes life easier for all colleges and their unique needs. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!

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