Traditional colleges are the backbone of higher education.  They must have the integrated functions and services provided by EMPOWER to meet their goals.  These features range from strong recruitment and admissions support through alumni relations and donor development.  EMPOWER is a full information-based approach to effective student services. EMPOWER has served traditional two- and four-year institutions for over fifteen years with robust functions and a commitment to constant improvement. Some key EMPOWER components for traditional colleges include:

  • Robust online Web services including Student and Faculty Portal
  • Online inquiry and application system
  • Strong recruitment and admissions services
  • Extensive support for varying academic programs and requirements
  • Complete financial aid administration
  • Reliable bursar functions with variable tuition, third-party payments, and online remittance
  • Integrated alumni and donor office support
  • Established interfaces for Moodle and Blackboard
  • Professional user training and support