The EMPOWER Web Portal provides a direct link to your institution’s administrative database functions for prospective students, enrolled students, faculty, advisors, admissions staff, donors and the development staff.  It extends key services and information to any constituent with Internet access while fully preserving data integrity and security.  The portal is a direct connection to the EMPOWER database so all information is correct up to the second.

  • Service Oriented: Students and staff expect services on their schedule, not the institution’s.  The Web portal lets them do business 24/7/365.
  • Easy to Implement: A simple set up and permissions are all that is required to get started.   Standard and custom graphical site templates and style sheets enable you to present the image and style you prefer.
  • Consistent and Accurate: The same procedures, rules and policies used by on-campus administrators control the Web portal functions and information access.
  • Labor Saving: Inquiry and application information is passed to your admissions processes with no re-keying of information.  Online registration and payments eliminate lines in your office.
  • Flexible Application and Inquiry: Applications and inquiries are fully under your control.  You can have as many differing forms as you require, collect and store any admissions information, and receive application fees online.
  • Personalized: Students, faculty, staff, alumni and others can personalize their portal experience with your website by choosing and positioning a range of elements on their custom launch pages.
  • Portal Survey Tool: Implement online course evaluations and other data gathering from your campus community with the survey tool.  Surveys can be open to the public, private or attached to a course.