The EMPOWER Web Portal extends easy and secure access to your institution’s important services and information via the Web.  It is a direct link to your administrative database functions for:

  • Prospective students
  • Enrolled students
  • Faculty and advisors
  • Admissions officers
  • Donors
  • Development staff

The Web Portal utilizes the same logic and processing techniques used in parallel on-campus functions and incorporates the campus administration’s right-to-know guidelines ensuring that student information is kept private. Online data is encrypted through industry-standard SSL protection.

  • Ensure student information is kept private through the campus administration’s right-to-know guidelines
  • Utilize online data encryption with industry-standard SSL protection
  • Easily develop a branded portal to support communication between applicants, students, staff, faculty and other key influencers
  • Customize your portal to meet the brand identification of your institution as well as on an individual level to meet the needs of students and staff
  • Enable advanced features like Web registration and online payments
  • Apply your institution’s business rules and practices making complex functions quick and easy to implement

Key Features

Student Web Services

  • Registration
  • Course descriptions with instructor, location, time/day, books & materials, and requisites
  • Transcript request with payment
  • Schedule and grades
  • Detailed academic history
  • Holds, notes and alerts
  • General information update with data book directory access
  • Financial aid awards and required documents
  • Statements and online payments
  • …and many others

Deans, Faculty and Advisor Web Services

  • Advising information
  • Rosters with automated email features
  • Attendance /grade book/midterm and final grades/class record keeping
  • Schedule and office hours
  • Student information look up with data book
  • Course evaluation and surveys
  • Test and exam module

Admissions Counselors

  • Access to admissions information
  • Travel reports
  • To-do list and scheduled tasks

 Self-Service through the EMPOWER Web Portal